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Gentle, effective SLS free UltraDEX Low Abrasion Toothpaste delivers fresh breath confidence, whitening maintenance and exceptional oral health, when used as part of a daily oral care regime.
£7.80 / Package(s) *
JANINA ULTRAWHITE EXTRA STRENGTH DIAMOND contains more of the natural fruit enzymes of the patented Bromaine Complex? to promote faster non abrasive whitening which results in whiter teeth without any harm to the enamel.
£11.18 *
Janina's uniquely developed formulation contains natural active ingredients necessary to maintain proper daily oral hygiene.
£11.18 *

Corsodyl Original Toothpaste is specially formulated to help stop and prevent bleeding gums, keeping gums healthy, teeth strong and breath fresh

£3.99 *

OraNurse® is an unflavoured toothpaste specially formulated for people sensitive to strong flavours. It has 1450ppm fluoride and is SLS free (non-foaming).

£2.99 / unit(s) *

Wisdom ORTHO CLEAN Toothpaste 100ml is specially formulated for orthodontic care.

£2.99 / pack(s) *
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