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Antibacterial Enzyme System with Fluoride, Calcium and Xylitol. # Reduces bacteria and gum irritations due to Dry Mouth.

£4.98 *

Biotene dry mouth gel is a long-lasting treatment for a range of dry mouth conditions. Each application of Oralbalance keeps your mouth feeling moist and comfortable for up to 5 hours at a time, day and night.

£9.36 / pack(s) *

Biotene contains 3 antibacterial enzymes that boost the mouth's natural defence system normally found in your saliva, to help protect your teeth and gums, and keep your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Mild, pleasant tasting Biotene Mouthwash is especially designed for people with dry mouth irritations. Biotene Mouthwash provides maximum protection without the use of strong detergents or alcohol.

£7.68 / pack(s) *
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