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With its unique long handle design Wisdom Easy Floss is ideal for reaching the back teeth where traditional floss can be difficult to use. The dual use, replacement floss and toothpick heads provide a hygienic and effective way to clean between.

£3.90 / pack(s) *

Clean Between Brushes are incredibly easy to use. They give gentle yet effective cleaning whilst helping to minimise gum trauma.

£2.99 / pack(s) *

■Expanding soft fluffy thread with intense mint burst flavour for the ultimate flossing experience ■Ideal for larger spaces ■Fantastic clean and fresh feeling

£1.92 / pack(s) *

Wisdom Dental Floss cleans the hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and along the gum line where plaque and food debris can build up.

Mint flavour - Waxed -100m

Contains fluoride

£1.38 / pack(s) *

Contains fluoride to help prevent decay, mint to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh and a wax coating for a smooth easy clean.

Tape design, Mint flavour, Waxed, 50m

Contains fluoride

£1.38 / pack(s) *

Regular use helps fight plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. Use after every meal to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

  • 100 sticks
  • Contains fluoride
  • Mint flavour
£1.98 / pack(s) *

Wisdom Clean Between flossers are designed to make flossing quick and easy. The extra strong floss design allows effective cleaning and resists shredding, sagging and snapping during use.

  • Disposable design
  • 30 flossers per pack
£1.49 / pack(s) *

Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Flossers with advanced silk-like tape are incredibly easy to use. They slide effortlessly into even tight gaps between the teeth helping to make it easier to remove plaque and food particles for cleaner and healthier teeth and gums.

£2.88 / pack(s) *
* Prices include VAT