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TePe Interdental Brushes (8's)

TePe Interdental brushes make cleaning between the teeth easy. TePe Interdental brushes have a unique construction, which ensures consistent quality, size and durability.

£3.89 *

Continu Hand Sanitising FOAM 250ml

Continu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam cleans and disinfects hands to EN test standards.

£6.99 / bottle(s) *
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TePe EasyPick Orange XS/S

For daily use for a fresh and healthy oral hygiene. 36 per pack plus a convenient case is included.

£3.98 / pack(s) *

Continu 2 in 1 Surface Wipes(200)

Alcohol Free Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Wipes Continu kills more than 99.999% of harmful micro organisms in less than 30 seconds.

£8.99 / unit(s) *

OraNurse 1450ppm Unflavoured 50ml Toothpaste

OraNurse® is an unflavoured toothpaste specially formulated for people sensitive to strong flavours. It has 1450ppm fluoride and is SLS free (non-foaming).

£4.99 / unit(s) *

Oral B PRO 2 Cross Action

Clinically proven superior 3D Cleaning Action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and remove plaque better than a regular manual toothbrush.

£35.99 *
RSP £49.99

Oral B Pro 650 Cross Action Black+ FREE PASTE

  • 20,000 pulsations & 7,600 oscillating movements per minute.
  • 2 minute Stop & Pulse timer to indicate optimum brushing time
  • Indicator brush head changes colour when replacement is needed
  • Up to 45 minutes use from a single charge
  • Includes 1 brush head




£26.99 / unit(s) *
RSP £29.99

Oral B PRO2 2500 Cross Action + FREE CASE

Clinically proven superior 3D Cleaning Action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and remove plaque better than a regular manual toothbrush.

£45.99 / unit(s) *
RSP £49.99

Stoddard Icon Interdentals (8 pack)

All Stoddard interdental brushes are specially designed to clean thoroughly in the wider spaces between teeth and around bridges and braces.

£2.29 / pack(s) *
RSP £2.95

Paro Brush-Sticks (10pcs)

For effective removal of plaque and food debris from between the teeth, braces and bridges.

£2.99 / Package(s) *
RSP £3.49

Quit Brushtic 48's

An anatomically shaped brush stick which removes plaque safely and efficiently between teeth.

£3.39 *

Wisdom Clean Between Interdentals (20's)

Clean Between Brushes are incredibly easy to use. They give gentle yet effective cleaning whilst helping to minimise gum trauma.

£2.70 *

Survival-32 Interspace (1 brush per packet)

Perfect for cleaning specific, difficult-to-reach areas between crowns, bridgework and crowded teeth. * Gently removes plaque from your mouth * Allows you to pinpoint small, hard-to-reach spaces * Gives you great control

£1.69 *

Vision Interdentals (4's)

The Vision Interdental Perio Brush has been designed with a unique curve to clean deeper between the teeth. A full range of sizes are available to achieve a close fit and optimum clean. Coloured filaments allow for easy selection and identification of plaque and food debris removed during cleaning.

£3.29 *

Piksters Interdental Brushes (10)

Piksters come in small sizes that fit more people! Piksters are easier than flossing - and MUCH easier than using floss threaders under bridges. Just 'grab and go' ... Piksters have their own cap and fit comfortably in your pocket.

£3.59 *

iDontix X-Floss (30 strands)

X-Floss® is a superior dental floss with a thick, bulky texture complete with a firm nylon threader.


£4.98 / pack(s) *

Oral-B Glide Gum care Floss Picks

Protects against gingivitis, cavities & bad breath.

£5.99 / unit(s) *
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Sensodyne Search 3.5 Toothbrush (1 Brush)

Compact head toothbrush Medium flat trimmed bristles Recommended by many UK Dentists and Hygienists

Colour sent at random.

To choose from the following colours: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green or Pink - Please leave a comment in the "notes" section while placing the order.

£2.58 / Package(s) *
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