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SECURE® Denture Bonding Cream is a healthy alternative to other adhesive products. The non-water soluble bond makes this adhesive stronger and you do not ingest or swallow the ingredients. It is taste free and Zinc Free.

£5.49 / pack(s) *

The Wisdom Denture bath with rinsing basket is an effective way to clean your dentures. Use with a denture brush for best results.

£1.92 / pack(s) *

The Wisdom Denture Brush features extra head with stiff tapered filaments to penetrate within teeth, curved main head to match shape of dentures for effective cleaning and a specially shaped handle for extra comfort.

£1.56 / pack(s) *

Poligrip Ultra is a fresh mint flavour fixative and is formulated to give you strong, all-day hold.

£4.99 / pack(s) *
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