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Chlorhexidine mouth rinse for the effective and proven way to fight bacteria in the mouth. 

£6.74 / bottle(s) *

Curasept with its patented ADS system prevents almost all yellow & brown discolouration of both the tongue and teeth, without altering the anti-plaque and antibacterial action of chlorhexidine. 

£6.74 / bottle(s) *

Curasept ADS212 0.12% Chlorhex (200ml) is suitable for Perio treatment.

£6.74 / bottle(s) *

Curasept IMPLANT PRO Rinse 0.20% Chlrhex 200ml chlorhexidine with Hyaluronic Acid & DNA 200ml


£7.49 / bottle(s) *
* Prices include VAT