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Compact head toothbrush Medium flat trimmed bristles Recommended by many UK Dentists and Hygienists

Colour sent at random.

To choose from the following colours: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green or Pink - Please leave a comment in the "notes" section while placing the order.

£2.58 / pack(s) *

The TePe Select range has a Classic design. The tapered head with flat trimmed and densely packed bristles allows the user to clean the whole mouth effectively.

£1.44 *

Special Care is very gentle with 12,000 extremely soft filaments. This toothbrush is recommended for brushing after oral surgery and for patients with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy.

£1.86 / pack(s) *

An innovative implant brush with a unique design for easy access.

£2.28 / pack(s) *

With indicator bristles that fade halfway so that you know when to change your brush

  • 35 Tufts
  • Long handle
RSP £2.49
£1.99 *

Helps to remove stains caused by tea, coffee, cola, red wine , food and tobacco for whiter, brighter teeth.

  • Angled head for easy access
£1.56 / pack(s) *

The compact, pack away design of Wisdom travel makes it the ideal brush to use when travelling as it packs neatly away into its own case after use.

Ideal for holidays and cleaning on the go.

£1.79 / pack(s) *

Micro fine tapered filaments to deliver the ultimate effective, gentle cleaning experience.

The Wisdom Clean Between brush has been designed with micro fine tapered filaments to reach further between teeth and below the gum-line. Each filament strand has a fine tapered end that gives not only out-standing cleaning but also an extremely gentle cleaning experience.

£1.92 / pack(s) *
  • Plaque removal
  • Larger handle
  • Cleans between
  • Helps maintain healthy gums
£1.92 / pack(s) *

Designed with an orthodontic trim for cleaning around braces. Wisdom Ortho Clean Soft Toothbrush has a V-trim profile that expertly cleans around braces.

£2.46 / pack(s) *

The CS Smart has been designed around the CS 5460 but with a smaller more compact head that is perfect for children and adults with smaller mouths.

£3.48 / pack(s) *

For people who are more used to a slightly firmer toothbrush, the CS 1560 soft is the ideal introduction to the gentleness of CURAPROX.

£4.99 / pack(s) *

The CS 3960 toothbrush provides a CURAPROX brushing experience with a slightly firmer feel than our best selling CS 5460, yet not as firm as our CS 1560.

£4.99 / pack(s) *

A CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush offers exceptional gentleness to gums yet is unbelievably effective on plaque leaving you with a uniquely clean feel after each and every brush.

£4.99 / pack(s) *

Designed with baby-soft bristles for tender gums and first teeth.

£1.98 / pack(s) *

Designed for a child who are learning to brush.

£1.98 / pack(s) *
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