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Interspace Toothbrushes

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Recommended by dentists the Wisdom Interspace has a single tuft design to reach and clean awkward areas of the mouth. Ideal for removing plaque from larger spaces between teeth and along the gumline.
£1.99 / Package(s) *

Perfect for cleaning specific, difficult-to-reach areas between crowns, bridgework and crowded teeth. * Gently removes plaque from your mouth * Allows you to pinpoint small, hard-to-reach spaces * Gives you great control

£1.69 *

Dome shaped with single-tufted compact tip with 700 extra soft, short bristles. It is particularly useful for cleaning along the gum line and is suitable for cleaning fixed orthodontic appliances (braces), crown and bridge work, along the gum line and for emerging back teeth

£1.87 / Package(s) *

Designed for dental hygiene of the critical areas: along the margin of the gingiva, in large interdental spaces, molars bridge works,

£1.95 *

An innovative implant brush with a unique design for easy access.

£2.39 / unit(s) *

An angled toothbrush with a pointed tuft, which improves access to difficult to reach areas, such as furcations and the distal surface of the last tooth. 

£5.48 / unit(s) *

Specially designed for optimal care of critical points particularly suitable for the gum line, big tooth space, the rear molars, bridges, braces, tooth eruption, deep periodontal pockets and after surgery and in the implants.

£2.79 *

Designed to reach and clean difficult areas between the teeth and along the gum margin. Suitable for cleaning around crowns, bridgework and orthodontic appliances.

£1.99 / pack(s) *

Helps to remove stains caused by tea, coffee, cola, red wine , food and tobacco for whiter, brighter teeth.

Angled head for easy access

£1.99 / pack(s) *
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