Piksters Interdental Brushes

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Strong, stiff, plastic coated wire. If you have used interdental brushes before you may notice a difference in the way Piksters do not buckle or bend as much as some. Nylon 612 filaments on most sizes. This is the highest grade of nylon filament available and as a result many patients report that the brushes last longer. Economically priced. Piksters sometimes cost about half to one quarter the price of other well known brands, depending on the country and market. They are sold in packets of 10 . For daily use, these brushes need to be affordable...that is the Pikster philosophy. A twisty handle allows the user to rotate the brush on and after insertion. Each brush has its own handle and cap so there is no need to fiddle with putting a new brush into a handle, as with some other brands. Piksters also come in a single size (5) refill head for use in other brands of toothbrush type handles that will accept standard refill heads...these are useful for patients who require large handles but who like the cost effectiveness of Piksters Piksters are small enough to be kept in your pocket, wallet or purse without causing bulkiness, enabling you to have it handy when you need it. Piksters come in a range of 8 sizes for all situations. Piksters are an Australian designed and owned product, sold in 17 countries.

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