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Brush-Baby Children’s Toothpaste with Xylitol and Fluoride (1350ppmF) For ages 3-6 years

£2.29 *

Gentle Applemint flavour to suit infant tastes, suitable from birth-3 years. (1000 ppmFluoride)


£2.29 *

This tasty extra mild spearmint toothpaste (75ml) keeps kids brushing! Perfect for children over 6 who find adult mint toothpaste flavours too harsh.

£2.29 *

Providing a toothpaste toddlers and children like the taste of is absolutely critical to get them toothbrushing and enjoying the experience. So Brush-Baby uses only flavours chosen by children themselves and combine this with our unique Xylitol and Fluoride formulation to help protect teeth against decay.

£2.29 *

Suitable for babies from 0-16 months. Use before your baby has teeth and with first teeth: Gently wipe over gums, tongue, cheeks and baby teeth at least once a day

£4.99 *

This battery powered toothbrush with soft vibrations, a tiny brush head and soft bristles is ideal for keeping baby teeth and gums clean.

£8.99 *

*NEW* Specially designed to help parents care for their baby's and toddler's teeth.

£3.75 *

Short bristles clean the tooth's surface and longer bristles reach between teeth and into the gum line 

£2.10 *

2 X replacement brush heads,  suitable for use with the Kidzsonic Electric Toothbrush 6+ years and 3-6years

£3.85 *

Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush in Green helps clean teeth, massages gums and soothes teething gums.

£4.49 *
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